A cryptocurrency coin designed for the people
to bridge the gap between communities.

About Us

What is Unify?

Unify is designed to bring the masternode and proof of stake communities together.

Community Governed

The community will have a voice in UFY’s future. The coin will be completely run by the community. Based on your share of UFY coins, you will have a proportional voting power to determine the future of UFY.


The UFY blockchain is completely decentralized. There is no central point of attack, making the network significantly more secure. Every transaction will be recorded on the UFY blockchain, providing full transparency and visibility to the community.

50/50 reward structure

UFY was designed with the vision to bring communities together in the cryptocurrency space. Therefore the reward structure will be 50% masternodes and 50% staking. Allowing individuals to join the project in multiple capacities. Individuals are not limited to masternode rewards, there is an equal incentive for staking as well.


Join The Community

We have many different places and methods to discuss, learn and flourish together. Below are a few options.

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